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BMW i3 Handover

Electrify minds. Sell cars. Simple.


  • Animation 
  • Cinema advertising
  • Scriptwriting
“A challenging brief was met head-on by Juice – making a complex new subject easily comprehensive in under 4 minutes whilst covering a wide range of subjects. The result: an uplifting simplistic summary of the benefits of electric mobility.”

Sophie Chiappe



Simply put. Change the buying behaviour of the car buying public. Mmmmmm. Thanks for that one. So, whilst there was significant investment in above the line and lots of PR noise around the launch of the i3, it didn’t, how we can we put this, really explain the considerable and quantifiable benefits of buying one. So whilst the ‘green brigade’ marched straight into their nearest BMW retailer and ordered one on the spot, the challenge laid at our door was to help the retailers persuade lots of other people to join the orderly queue.


Let’s be honest, one of the challenges of following behind the car launch is cash. It’s basically all been gobbled up and spent on posters and pesky, questionably effective stuff, like TV ads and millions of Facebook ads that really irritate the viewer. So, we knew we had to work with what footage we already had, and that meant a chance to layer in some super-cool animation over the top and make it look bespoke, instead of reheated.


Award-winning. That’s a nice thing to write. But arguably demonstrably effective is even better. And to top that all we delivered something that gets the messages, complex as they are, clearly and quickly across and the retailers loved (partly because it helps them understand it too…). Watch the film and realise that the i3 is the future. Buy one and ensure you have one, too. And more friends. And less time in petrol stations (sorry BP, we know you’re a client too).