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BMW EV Interactive Video

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BMW were looking for an innovative way to showcase their new fleet of electric vehicles. They wanted a creative asset that could be shared with both customers and retailers, it needed to highlight the key performance differences between each model whilst at the same time presenting their distinctive design features in the best light.


The brand were keen on using an interactive video so we set about creating an original asset for them.
Over several days, we shot each EV in an a stunningly-lit studio in incredible detail. We used a turntable to achieve 360 degree visuals and used a combination of 4K and 8K for pin sharp resolution. The footage was edited and graded and then passed onto a development team to integrate it into an interactive software platform. Click throughs, overlays and hot spots were added alongside feature description boxes to enhance the user experience without smothering the beauty of the imagery.


The finished video seamlessly slotted into their digital marketing tool kit and was shared across social channels and embedded on BMW’s own dedicated EV website.