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Brand Orientation and Experience Video-based Learning

Global video learning


  • Video production
  • Video editing
  • Storyboarding


We have worked for IHGs suite of brands for a gazillion years (since 2003 ish) so we like to think it was natural that one of the newer brands – voco™ (always with a small v) asked us to create a video learning solution for their Brand Orientation and Brand Experience learning programmes. This was to be a global programme, with the content needing to be translated into 13 hotel-ready languages. Brand Orientation teaches colleagues the fundamentals of the brand and Brand Experience Training describes the desired brand experience and explains the colleague’s role in delivery of the experience.


Video-based learning is the best (technical term) as it gives us the opportunity to not only TELL the learner about the concept, but SHOW the learner an example of what it looks like in action. It can be both inspirational and aspirational. We have used this approach many time to teach concepts and ideas on how to deliver great experiences (e.g. problem handling) and demonstrate standard operating procedures (e.g. how to clean a room).


We made 8 films that felt authentic, human and highlighted real situations that colleagues would encounter in their day to day roles. We used a narrated approach to engage directly face to face with the audience, drawing them in whilst keeping the language conversational, warm, friendly and compelling (just like the brand…).  Our aim: for the vocotm host to demonstrate the vocoTM Service Style with an engaging and authentic delivery to the audience.